Is a Lawyer Like Raul Jauregui My Only Hope for Continuing my College Education?

Raul Jauregui
2 min readApr 8, 2021

Look at any school handbook, and it will have page after page of rules and regulations to be followed by young minds. Among all the literature will be several rules to highlight the school’s policy on student sexual misconduct. What will not be mentioned is that it’s a one-sided story with the young lady receiving all the assistance she requires and the young gent being expelled to preserve the institution’s good name. According to Raul Jauregui, a famous lawyer for student sexual misconduct cases, the rules handbook also won’t mention that there is very little chance the male student’s witnesses will be allowed to speak or the accused allowed to explain his version of the incident.

Openly demonstrating gender bias

What really happens when a young lady accuses a man of sexual harassment, the college by default takes her side and the accused student is treated like a seasoned criminal. Suddenly, all his years of excelling in sports and studies will become irrelevant as he is used for target practice by members of the local women’s rights movements. All his years of preparation for admission to the university will be negated and replaced with fictitious stories of frat parties and sports jocks without any respect for women.

When Raul Jauregui graduated from UCLA Law School, he wanted to do something different. Like many lawyers feel when they are young, he wanted to protect the innocent and keep those committing heinous crimes behind bars. At that point he didn’t know that his expertise in civil rights will save many innocent souls from hell. With his expertise in cases involving student sexual misconduct and discrimination based on gender, color, or race, Raul has set up a law firm. The team helps more and more young people facing the label of a rapist or stalker by people looking for fame through social media or women’s movements in school.

The defendant isn’t a punching bag for the school

Raul and his team at the Jauregui Law Firm know in student misconduct cases that people representing the school cross the line and make the man feel worthless because of the way they treat him. With Title IX on his side, Raul has often made everyone in the school pay for their unjustified behavior. Raul’s priority is ensuring the accused man can continue his education and earn a degree to put him in a position for the best jobs in his field.

It’s difficult to put yourself in the shoes of a man wrongly accused of sexual harassment and understand the torment his family goes through while waiting for justice to be served. Unfortunately, it’s all about the school proceedings that need to be monitored by an expert at student misconduct. If there’s evidence of wrong-doing on the woman’s part, they will get away with a warning at most. In the meantime, Raul Jauregui and his legal team may be preparing to fight the school for gender discrimination in a court of law.



Raul Jauregui

Raul knows about an institute’s brutal actions against any person accused of sexual misconduct.