Are the Attorneys from Raul’s Jauregui Law Firm the Best in Pennsylvania for Suing a School?

After you’ve consulted an attorney for sexual misconduct charges against you at school, it’s essential to know that the term encompasses sexual assault, sexual harassment, and any conduct of sexual nature without consent. Being clear about the terminology will help you understand what a person of the opposite sex is holding against you when proving you are innocent. Without the best attorney on your side, there is little chance you will be given an opportunity to explain yourself at any point. There will be no benefit of the doubt for your case. The accuser’s case will be airtight. It will ruin your student and professional life permanently without an attorney like Raul Jauregui speaking in your favor.

Whether you have a witness or not will be inconsequential because everything will go in favor of the accuser. Persecuting any male with malicious intent towards the opposite sex is standard these days, and nobody will blink an eye as your world crumbles and the walls close-in. Keep your family informed from day one and enlist the best-suited attorney to represent you at the earliest. Put together every scrap of information you have regarding the lead-up to the incident and after. It could be emails, photographs, online chats, etc., that you should share with your attorney. Get together witnesses who will write down what they saw and know about the incident.

According to Raul Jauregui’s team, you should know three things before responding to sexual misconduct complaints in college/ university.

· You need an attorney throughout the different phases in the sexual misconduct process. Both of you will be trying to change people’s mindsets that a man can be innocent in a case of sexual misconduct. Don’t forget that this case’s outcome could change your life forever; therefore, ensuring you have the best attorney is vital.

· For any college or university, an act of sexual misconduct on campus or involving their students is bad press for them. The school’s Title IX office will not offer you protection because people can accuse them of harboring rapists. Whether you are a captain or the highest rated player on a sports team will not make a difference, you’ll lose your friends.

· The allegations against you for sexual misconduct will make you face reverse discrimination. The school’s Title IX staff will ensure special treatment for the victim and happily throw you in a dungeon and lose the keys. The anti-male bias is strong in cases of sexual misconduct, and many rules are broken to make the respondent as uncomfortable as possible.

One of the most debatable topics in a sexual misconduct case is whether the woman ‘consented’ to the man’s advances and to everything that happened step by step. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always go according to a set plan and start with a kiss and then head south slowly with consent from the woman at every step. Whatever the case might have been, the woman can always say she was intimidated or threatened to allow a recording or verbally agree to everything demanded from her in bed. It’s the reason you need a team of Title IX lawyers with lots of relevant experience to prove your innocence. With the best team on your side, you might find slight peace of mind to realize a strong anti-male bias working against you in the school.

Enlist the Jauregui Law Firm to optimize your defense

Attorney Raul Jauregui has represented men to file injunctions or sue their schools before, during, or after an investigation and adjudication for being ill-treated because they are male. Any school that realizes the attorney does not have the experience to sue them successfully will take full advantage of the situation and not deal straight. Raul and his team at the Jauregui Law Firm have sued large universities and small colleges in the Philadelphia area. All the cases involved Title IX and went to Federal Court, where they reached a settlement.

If you are a religious-minded individual from a law-abiding family with no intention of ever hurting anybody, the whirlwind of accusations made against you might be heartbreaking for your family. Keep them in the loop about everything to avoid a sudden shock to their hearts and give them a realistic picture of the possible outcomes. Choose a lawyer with whom you feel comfortable and hand-over all the records you collate related to the incident for their team to analyze with the hope of finding something substantial to prove you did not violate the sexual misconduct policy.



Raul knows about an institute’s brutal actions against any person accused of sexual misconduct.

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Raul Jauregui

Raul knows about an institute’s brutal actions against any person accused of sexual misconduct.